Photography Outings
If anybody is interested in heading out to do some photography Andrew.Fyfe is interested
Drop him an email.

If hobbies are your thing, and most of us have them, then why not see who else is interested. Use the Forum to start the discussion.

Who knows just round the corner might just have the same interests.

Throapham Conservation
Throapham is currently being considered for Conservation status. Hopefully, if granted, this will be the stepping stone to protecting our woodland and implementing real structures to prevent damage.

If you have any photographs, historic information, stories etc that we can add to our potted history please send them to peter on: .

Welcome to the News Section... last updated 08/10/08

Throapham Celebrates New International Star!
cycling ben swift
Throapham would like to extend its sincere congratulations to a new local star Ben Swift. Many of us have goals in life and alot of us strive to make things happen, Ben being a case in point with sheer determination and extreme physical fitness Ben has managed to become an Olympic hopeful for the UK.

You can read more about Ben in many of the National Cycling magazines as he continues to push his fitness levels to those required to reach the very best in the world.

The 20 year old has landed what ben swiftGB Olympic endurance coach Rod Ellingworth has described as the biggest win by any Academy rider since the cycling base in Italy was set up. Victory in the 166 km Coppa della Pace was just reward for Swift for the hard work put in after breaking his collarbone earlier this year.

Ben winning the Stage 5 at Giro Ciclistico Aosta, Ita in the French Alps!

How Time Flies

Clocks this year are adjusted as follows:

1am March 30th 2008 clocks go forward one hour

2am October 26th 2008 clocks go back one hour

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