Useful Contacts:
Here you will find all the contacts who administer the site.
SY Community Policing
This will allow you to contact the Community Police Officer who is responsible for Throapham and Dinnington. Alternatively drop them a call on TEL: 01709 832720
More Contacts?
As this site grows and develops a greater range of contacts will appear here. If you feel that you have a contact that is relevant and wish to get it included on the site please contact the webmaster.
This web site is administered by residents throughout Throapham.
Should you wish to become involved with the website maintenance then please contact the webmaster.
For General Queries
Please contact the Secretary of Throapham Today. Such queries include correspondence
regarding events, services offered by residents and products for sale locally. Additionally, if you have any topics that you want to include on the site then please direct them to the Secretary.
Reporting Anti Social Behaviour
If its urgent but not life threatening then call 0114 2202020 and ask for the Communications Room. South Yorkshire Police will log the issue and send somebody out to deal with it. If its life threatening then simply dial 999. Additional links to other Civic Offices can be found on the Links Page.
Free Email Accounts
The email accounts which are set up through Throapham Today are in the main 'non holding' accounts. These are accounts where email sent to your Throapham Today account goes straight from it and to your 'personal hidden' email account. e.g. has email that goes straight to This ensures that your personal details remain private and should you no longer wish to recieve Throapham Today emails you can simply cancel your account. All email accounts are dealt with by the Membership Administrator
For Forum Queries
For any questions relating to the Forum should be directed to the Forum Administrator.
The Forum is only accessible to validated holders of Throapham Today email account holders.
This is to ensure that discussions are only visable to residents of Throapham.
Web Master
If there is an item on the site which you wish to discuss then please bring it to the attention of the Secretary in the first instance. If its an error on the website then please contact the Web Master.