Prevent Woodland Damage
Aims to protected the Woodlands around Throapham so they can be enjoyed by all.
Reduce Littering & Fouling
Helping to maintain a clean environment around Throapham
so its safer for our children.
Halting Motorcycle Damage
Keeping users safe from Off Road
Motorbikes and eliminating
damage caused by them.
Keeping Residents Safe
Being proactive regarding crime
in the area and ensuring that our
Children can enjoy a safe community.
Help Using the Site?
For any help or questions about using this site please contact the webmaster, details are in the Contact Us section.
Welcome to the information page for the Throapham Today site.

Here you will find information on why
it exists and what it aims to do..
Any item relevant to the Throapham Community can be placed on the site.
If its Services, Products, Information, Training or anything else that benefits the people of Throapham let us know!

Additions to the Site should be directed to the webmaster.

Community Spirit

This site is dedicated to forging Community Spirit.

Where residents help each other and
protect the local environment, our
community will be a safer and more
enjoyable place in which to live and

- Involve Yourself - Enjoy Yourself -

Enjoy the site and keep updated!

Sensible Adults
There are lots of issues which we Adults can deal with:

20s plenty
- Speed Kills - Don't Speed -
Gentle Talk
Keeping our Children on the straight and narrow doesn't need harsh words. If in doubt make parents aware of issues

Any safety issues contact our Community Police Officer